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Cloud Bidding & Procurement

Trinity is an SaaS procurement platform.

Any where, any time, secured access & real-time management.

  • Immediate use
  • Reduce cost > 50%
  • Cut tender and labour time > 30%

Trinity analytics can identify supplier price abnormalities.

Trinity enables enterprise to better understand their supplier data and price trends.

Trinity enables enterprise to increase procurement efficiency.

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Finance has ERP , Sales has CRM , Procurement has Trinity

Some of the clients that uses Trinity to drive efficiency and transparency in the procurement process


Trinity benefits

Enables supplier discovery and supplier scorecard for better supplier management. Reduces tender preparation and negotiation time. Creates a factual and real time market environment to put pressure on bidders to reduce prices.

Trinity supports web and mobile Access

Giving you access and control to your procurement activities anytime anywhere!







Safari 6+


Opera 12+

Trinity features Simple to Operate, Immediate use now

Procurement Approval process

Standardized and transparent

Product Management

Item pictures and commercial information

Supplier Sourcing and Scorecard Management

Customizable supplier history and performance tracking

Tender and Bidding Tools

Effective time and cost reduction levers

Analytics and Reports functions

Progress and status reports that can be exported and customized

Contract Management

Auto reminders and share updates between parties

Trinity Security

Administrators control the account access of all users

Administrator user can track account access, document access and generate detailed reports.

Trinity only allows single user sign in at any one time.

Trinity Cloud has physical security, strict access policies and back up power to protect system stability.

Generates greater transparency in procurement process

Provides number of analytics and management reports.

Flexible pricing plans for immediate returns

Data Security

There are multiple tools within Microsoft Azure to safeguard data according enterprise security and compliance needs. Data are not held in the same place and broken up into different places:

  • Data in production
  • Data not in production.
  • Data In-Transit
  • Data In-Use

In addition, there are encryption, malware detection, firewalls, 24/7 monitoring and disaster recovery initiatives in place.

About Us

Trinity is a specialised provider of cloud bidding and procurement service. Trinity multi-language option and unique features support a variety of tendering and bidding situations. These features support enterprise users in different procurement situations to reduce costs, to save time, to increase visibility and to improve procurement efficiency.

Trinity is a Microsoft Ventures Company with offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Harbin and London, UK.